Are Fake Rolex Watches as Good as a Real Rolex?

In a famous murder case, the watches that the victim wore on his wrist eventually led to the arrest of his murderer. When a body was found in the English channel in 1996 by a fisherman who caught the body, and the 4.5 kilogram anchor attached to it through the victim’s belt, in his net about 10 kilometers from the English coast, a Rolex wristwatch was the only identifiable object on the body. Since the Rolex movement had a serial number and was engraved with special markings every time it was serviced, British police traced the service records from Rolex, and Ronald Joseph Platt was identified as the owner of the watch and the victim of the murder. In addition British police were able to determine the date of death by examining the date on the watch calendar and since the Rolex movement had a reserve of two to three days of operation when inactive and it was fully waterproof, they were able to determine the time of death within a small margin of error.

The Cellini replica Rolex watch looks quite identical to its costly counterparts.

The functions provided by Cellini replica are hours, minutes and a small second’s dial. The case is made up of stainless steel. The dial is black, guilloche with two silver dials depicting hours, minutes and seconds. There is a crystal glass on top and the bottom. The strap is made up of genuine leather. The quality of material used in Cellini replica” title=”SubmarinerRolex Submariner is high and they weigh almost same as the original ones.

Like the original cellini Rolex, the replica provides a black leather strap, a Japanese automatic movement with a smooth sweeping second hand, solid Stainless Steel and gold plating on gold models. The Cellini possesses laser etched crown at 6 o’clock on approximately all models.

With all of the buzz going around about watches, I have wanting one for quite some time now.  As everyone knows, owning one of these treasured time pieces is not an inexpensive proposition.  When I came across this website, I was totally amazed by the magnificent second hand rolex watches and accessories for such incredibly low prices.  I was even more impressed with the fact that I was able to get the model I have always wanted for thousands less than the original price.  It does not bother me a bit because nobody even suspects that the watch I am wearing is used.  It is in perfect condition.

As you can see this genuine uses “Sans Serif” font on the bezel insert. Many people claim that all GMT’s come with this font but it’s simply not true. Most of the new Masters are supplied with the same font with reps. Here’s the newest Basel picture:

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