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In 1927, Meisaidisi? Ji Lisi across the English Channel after the Rolex advertisement in the Daily Mail newspaper

In 1927, a name Meisaidisi Ji Lisi (Mercedes Gleitze) of British girl wearing the Oyster watch took over 10 hours successfully crossed the English Channel. To reach the terminal, the watch functioning perfectly normal. Rolex watch company has since announced the successful birth of water, which means “Rolex Oyster watch began the great journey into the world.” The incident has also widened the Rolex a prelude to long-term cooperation with the figures, since some of the world famous explorers, athletes and artists choose to wear a Rolex watch, share and respected brand of topewatch.com/rolex-watches.htmlRolex spirit: unremitting the pursuit of perfection.

The heritage of rolex

Refined compact “Rolex Crown eternal,” the first stop of the journey is about the history of Rolex “classical tradition” exhibition. With the plasma display panel side face light up, in the shifting light and shadows during this century journey vividly recalled YR eyes, as if the viewer back to that period of history are legend. Hans Wilsdorf, founder of buds from the brand vision to brand Mr. various classic moments, without exception, show topewatch.com/rolex-watches.htmlReplica Rolex watches has long been an industry pioneer in the image to play. It is worth mentioning that the first time in this exhibition display a variety of museums only

in Geneva in order to see the real capacity of the valuable antique watch. Both teams in 1926 came the first waterproof watch – topewatch.com/daytona_rolex-watches.htmlRolex Daytona watch, or the first team to be able to automatic assembly of the chain pendulum constant watch of thallium, but also the first team to be able to display the calendar, or log-type watch, these “The first” common witness a Rolex watch precision, reliable and durable to defend the brand in the watch manufacturing industry proud of leadership.

Lighting will be diverted to the guests a uniquely designed oval-shaped screen overlooking the front, is staging a three-dimensional video into the viewer look down to Switzerland from the Beijing air – Rolex’s headquarters and factory is located, where the viewer immersive experience of its labor situation exquisite details of the tabulation process with disabilities. Self-developed patented design, case, strap, clasp, surface, clock, movement and other self-production, fully demonstrates the continuity of the Rolex Series is the perfect embodiment Submariner” topewatch.com/submariner_rolex-watches.htmlRolex Submariner pursuit of excellence.

Rolex history

Rolex, Rolex history  of the development of small files with its founder Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) closely linked to the name. 1881 born in Bavaria, a city of his youth on the involvement in international business. The beginning of the business of making cultured pearls, 19-year-old home Ruishilaxia Defen (La Chaux-de-Fonds), watch for a special export factories as their agent.

In 1905, he founded his own business, called “Wilsdorf and David’s” (Wilsdorf and Davis), is the one primarily responsible for sales of watches the company, but he also developed self-made watches.

At 8 o’clock on July 2, 1908, Rolex (Rolex) officially registered trademark. The first Rolex watches because of its superior technical quality and immediate attention. A small Rolex watches in 1914, the Hong Kong Observatory to be straightening (Kew Observatory) of the A-level certificate, which is the United Kingdom has never been this well-known Hong Kong Observatory issued the highest rating ever. Its accuracy has been recognized that this is a worldwide event to watch in Europe and the United States suddenly worth double. Since then, the quality of Rolex, which represents a precise.

The Rolex Explorer II possess just the right look that most men desire

It is a lucky few who actually get to own a piece of this excellence. It is only for those who really demand nothing but the best in their lives. Making a characteristic watch like a Rolex is no easy task as this unbeatable watch knows exactly how to combine both its technical talent in Swiss machinery with rugged good looks. The  topewatch.com/explorermilgauss_rolex-watches.htmlRolex Explorer watches melrosejewelers.com/rolex-explorer-II.htm possess just the right look that most men desire. It is a perfect men’s watch in the true spirit of a great Rolex watch. A Rolex Explorer II is a lot more than just a watch; one could call it steely perfection molded in steel that comes with years of watch making tradition by some of the best Swiss watchmakers. In fact it is a much wanted and improved version of its former self; and is a watch the world wants and carries with itself the mark of being a perfect Rolex timepiece. Behind making a truetopewatch.com/rolex-watches.htmlReplica Rolex watches there is always unwavering commitment, consistent efforts and unsurpassable quality.

Best gifts for father’s day-mens watches

What to consider first?
When shopping for a Father’s Day gift, we must first consider him, Dad. Is dad a rough, out-doors type of man? Is he like my day, a fisherman and a hunter? On the other hand, is he an ivy-leagued, executive that enjoys socializing in a local pub? Or maybe he’s a welder or gardener? Who is your father? Who would know him better than you or even MOM? I advise everyone to seek counsel from the father’s significant other, when gift shopping. If you’re buying for your uncle, seek advice from your aunt, if one is present or his girlfriend. Seek assistance, it helps. Mix the advise given to you buy people around him (who won’t spoil the surprise) and add it to your prognosis of who he is and what he like’s and the end result is a great idea for a luxury watch.

Oh to our Father’s, the backbone of our American family. Our father’s represent what our country was previously founded on, its morals, its security, it assurity. Father’s play such an important role in the molding of this nation and the molding of this nation’s families. How can we appropriately express our thankfulness to our father? What would be the best gift to show and express our huge love and gratitude towards him? Many ask themselves these questions, especially during Father’s Day season, when the stores are packed and sale’s are everywhere. When we make that step to purchase him a gift, we cannot act hastily. We have to be wise and patient, in order to find a gift suitable for the king that he is. This rule applies, not just to our fathers, but our father-in-laws, brother’s, granddad’s, uncle’s and friend’s. This is the day that they ’shine’. What better to give him than a fine timepiece, a luxury topewatch.com/daytona_rolex-watches.htmlRolex Daytona watch?

Two favourite Rolex Yacht-Master watches

topewatch.com/yacht-master-ladies_rolex-watches.htmlRolex Yacht Master
  • Very heavy and strong construction.
  • Weight to exact original.
  • Water resistant. Size: 40 mm.
  • Free Shipping on all Orders Worldwide.
  • The Pictures you see are of actually taken at the Studio of Topewatch.com, You will get exactly what you see in our Pictures

The Replica Cartier Watches provides one with the luxury of a costly watch

The Replica  topewatch.com/cartier-watches.htmlCartier Watches provides one with the luxury of a costly watch at down to earth prices. The high quality, low priced Replica Cartier Watches permits you to enjoy a bit of luxury in your life without paying through your nose. 99% of people cannot distinguish the real from the Replica Cartier Watches. It might require a jeweler or a collector of watches to spot the Replica Cartier Watches. The Replica Cartier Watches fools even the collectors at times. Just like the series of Cartier Roadster Replica , those body of watches looks authentic and so do the dial and the weight.

The only surface difference is the artificial jewels on the dial of the topewatch.com/Replica Watches . On an average, the price of the Replica Cartier Watches is about one hundredth or less than that of the real one. This means that you can purchase Replica topewatch.com/cartier-watches.htmlCartier  watches for yourself and your family without feeling the pinch. No doubt, when all of you visit a party with the Replica Cartier Watches affixed on your wrists, you will see all heads turning towards your group. It is hence not surprising to find executive purchase more than one Replica Cartier Watches.

In a word ,today Cartier Replica produce a wide range of timepieces including fashionable gorgeous women’s watches for social events, classical items for businessmen and business ladies, high-tech timepieces for people appreciating everything original and exquisite . Buying a Cartier Santos Replica Watch as a Christmas gift you can always be sure that you will be in the center of your friends’ and partners’ attention.

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